CST 288
Cooperative Education/Internships
for Computing Technology

Check this "CST 288 NEWS" page
regularly, for further instructions.


Begin preparing a Summary memo overing the first three months of this semester, including: Also add contact information for your supervisor, including name and a telephone number where 'e can be reached to verify the information.

Submit your Summary report on or before Monday November 29th, but AFTER Wednesday November 24th.

Previous assignments.

Each week, by noon on Monday, submit a Weekly Report memo for the previous week.

    Write a couple of short paragraphs to say:
  1. What you did last week, on your internship,
  2. What you learned last week.
  3. Feel free to add a third paragraph with any comments, questions, complaints, etc.

    (No internship yet?   What are you doing to get one?)

Feel free to call me at 631-332-0567,
if you have any questions or conerns.

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